8Bitdo’s Fantastic Lite Gamepad For Switch And PC Is $21 Today

8Bitdo has made a name for itself by producing quality controllers for a range of consoles, but few are as revered as its range for Nintendo Switch. Especially since the Nintendo Switch’ default D-Pad is so unreliable, alternatives have become sought after for precise 2D titles, with 8Bitdo delivering where it matters. Case and point, the 8Bitdo Lite Bluetooth Gamepad, which works with a range of devices including the Switch and Switch Lite, and is on sale today for more than 10% off, discounted to $21.10 at Amazon.

This controller isn’t just designed for the Switch though. 8Bitdo says that you’ll be able to easily pair it with Windows, too, letting you play games off Steam, the Epic Games Store, and more. There’s also native support for Raspberry Pi, which might make it a great choice for any retro emulated titles you might have ready and waiting.

The 8Bitdo Lite Bluetooth Gamepad isn’t the only controller on sale at Amazon today either. If you’re looking to celebrate the launch of New Pokemon Snap, Hori has a deal on its Nintendo Switch D-Pad Controller with a nice black and yellow Pikachu aesthetic, which also comes with an improved D-Pad. PowerA also has a more traditional wireless controller for the Nintendo Switch on sale, with green Legend of Zelda-inspired Enhanced Wireless Controller on sale for just under $40.

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