The next D&D book is about gothic horror setting Ravenloft, this is what’s in it

You may be familiar with Ravenloft from the classic videogames Strahd’s Possession and Stone Prophet, or more recently from Curse of Strahd—one of the most popular adventures for the current fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons, which sends players to the cursed dimension on a vampire hunt. The setting is about to get a refresh with a supplement for the tabletop RPG called Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft coming out this month.

Thanks to Lysa Penrose on Twitter, we’ve seen the contents of this 256-page book. Inside are new options for players, making the half-vampire dhampir, hag-transformed hexblood, and just straight-up undead called reborn into playable lineages. (The reborn is how you get to make your own version of the Nameless One from Planescape: Torment.) A couple of new subclasses, backgrounds, and new rules for Dark Gifts are in there too.

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