Roaches and low profits drove me to be a slumlord in this real estate sim

Anyone who’s rented an apartment can tell you that they would rather have teeth pulled than deal with their landlord for anything. Whether it’s getting a running toilet fixed or dealing with rodents, no one I’ve ever known has said “Wow, my landlord rules!” Playing The Tenants confirms many of my suspicions about the world of renting, except I’m the terrible landlord.

The Tenants is a real estate management simulator where you buy, renovate, and rent out different types of furnished apartments to build an enormous property portfolio and hopefully become a disgustingly wealthy real estate tycoon. The Tenants focus a lot on the relationship between you (the landlord) and the tenants you rent to, alongside the usual management sim gameplay systems. 

What The Tenants does shockingly well is recreate experiences a lot of us have gone through as renters but from the landlord’s perspective. At first I did everything possible to be the most accommodating and understanding landlord I could be. But once my bottom line started getting affected, it became much easier to turn into an absolute slumlord jerk.

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So here’s a quick story of how one terrible tenant completely transformed me into an unreasonable, petty monster. She scarred me so deeply that she changed my approach to who I would rent properties to afterwards.

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