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As you increase each Course’s Research Level in New Pokemon Snap, more Pokemon will appear – both in number and in species. Plus, they’ll get more comfortable with you – so it will be easier to snap great photos. Getting enough Expedition Points to raise courses to Research Level 2 is easy, but attaining Research Level 3 can be a bit difficult – if you don’t know how the calculations work, that is! Here’s everything you need to know about how Expedition Points are calculated, so you can get every course to Level 3 fast.

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How to Earn Expedition Points Fast

Quick Summary of How Earning Expedition Points Works:

  • Full scores for new photos are added to Expedition Points at the end. If it’s a first for the course you’re on, it’s treated as new.
  • So: Snap photos of all four of each Pokemon’s behavior (Star Rating) in each course, even if you’ve photographed that Pokemon before elsewhere – you’ll still get full points for it for the new course.
  • If a photo of a completely new behavior for that course isn’t available, choose the photo that you think is the most improved compared to the previous photo from that course – you’ll be rewarded the difference between the old, worse photo and the new one.

Full Guide on How Expedition Points Work

Most importantly, the entire score for a photo counts if it’s your first time shooting a Pokemon on that particular course – meaning, if it’s the first time you photographed a Magikarp doing a 1-Star behavior in the Jungle during the day, the entire score will count towards Jungle (Day) Expedition Points even if you have already photographed a 1-star Magikarp at the Park during the day. This is regardless of whether or not the new photo is better or worse than the previous photo from a different course, too – you’ll get full points for it as long as it’s new for that course – and Day and Night courses also count as totally separate courses!

We recommend keeping track of the Pokemon you’ve snapped with our Pokemon checklists on each Course Guide!

If you’ve already submitted a photo for evaluation for the course you’re on, you’ll be rewarded based on the difference between the new, better photo and the old one. If it’s worse, you will get nothing. This is still only taking into consideration your photos from that course – so even if your new photo of 1-Star Magikarp from the Park (Day) is worse than your photo from the Jungle (Night), you’ll still get Expedition Points toward the Park (Day) course if it’s better than the previous best photo of Magikarp you took at the Park(Day)

The really frustrating part is that, unfortunately, you can’t actually see these photos anywhere to compare them.


Can You Farm or Cheese the Expedition Points System?

We tried to cheese this system, and it doesn’t work. If you choose to keep a worse-scoring photo in your Photodex, the game will still base your expedition points off the best photo you can no longer see.

What About the Yelllow Highlighted Scores?

Wondering what it means if the points are highlighted in yellow? They simply show you how the new photo is better than the old one in specific criteria – they don’t get added to Expedition Points.

The best process to getting Expedition Points is to try to snap photos of all four of each Pokemon’s behavior in every new course, even if you’ve already photographed that Pokemon elsewhere. If that’s not possible, choose the photo that you think is the most improved compared to the previous photo from that course.

That’s all you need to know about increasing a course’s Research Level! For more on New Pokemon Snap, make sure to check out 21 Essential New Pokemon Snap Tips and our review. For everything else, keep it here, at IGN!

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