Nier livestream confirms ‘extra content’ for Nier Replicant and a new Yoko Taro game

Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139 is ostensibly a remake of the cult 2010 JRPG, but Western fans are right to feel a bit confused. Basically, there were two versions of Nier in Japan: Gestalt, the one that made it West, featured an older and burlier Nier with a daughter named Yonah. Replicant, the one that remained in Japan, featured a younger and more sprightly Nier with a sister named Yonah.

Anyway, that crash course is vaguely important, because overnight it was confirmed that if you want to play the older and burlier Nier in the forthcoming Replicant remake, you can. The news comes via a lengthy marketing livestream conducted in Japanese, which also confirmed a host of other “extra content” coming to the game at launch.

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