Oculus Quest 2 Air Link Will Let Your Wirelessly Stream PC VR Games

Facebook is going all-in on the Oculus Quest 2, having already stopped producing the Rift to focus on the standalone VR headset, instead. And with the upcoming Air Link feature, it will be easier to play PC-based VR games on the Quest 2 without being tethered to your computer.

Coming with the v28 software on Quest 2 and Oculus PC VR via Experimental Mode, Air Link is a new feature that lets you stream PC-based VR games from your computer to the Quest 2 headset. This will make it easier to play game like Half-Life: Alyx on a Quest 2, provided you have a capable PC.

The feature is essentially a wireless replacement for Oculus Link, which lets you do the same thing with a USB-C cable, and it acts as an official version for the user-created solutions we’ve seen in the past, like Virtual Desktop.

Not every setup will work, and we’ve reached out to Facebook to ask about potential support for the first Oculus Quest headset, as the announcement post only talks about its successor. You’ll need to have a 5GHz router and Facebook recommends connecting it to your computer via ethernet. Minimizing latency is particularly important in VR.

Alongside Air Link, Quest 2 will soon support 120Hz gameplay, as well. The feature is speculative, as no games support it yet, with current games capping out at 90Hz.

Oculus Quest 2 has been a huge success for Facebook compared to its other headsets, outselling all previous Oculus models combined. It’s also going to continue getting Oculus-exclusive games, including Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell titles. Little is known about these projects yet other than that they’re in development at Ubisoft Red Storm, which has become the company’s go-to VR developer after previous focusing on Tom Clancy games.

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