Watch Nvidia’s GTC keynote from Jen-Hsun’s kitchen here. He might even give you an RTX 3090

Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) is kicking off today with Jen-Hsun delivering a now-traditional keynote address from his kitchen, spatulas and all, and you can watch it right here from 8.30am PDT, 11.30am EDT, and 4.30pm UK. If you sit through the whole thing, and really pay attention, Nvidia might even give you a GeForce RTX 3090 in reward for your efforts.

Nvidia teased some surprises at the event with a short 30 second video which included Morse code and eventually leads to the ‘first hidden treasure’ page (via Tom’s Hardware). The page outlines further ‘Easter eggs’ hidden in Jen-Hsun’s keynote today, and promises that it will reward twitterers with “a few coveted items (like a GeForce RTX 3090!)” if they spot the clues and use the right hashtags.

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