Dragalia Lost – Elementary Escapades now live

Dragalia Lost – Elementary Escapades now live

Posted on April 12, 2021 by in Mobile, News

Check out the latest events in Dragalia Lost:

  • The Elementary Escapades event started Apr. 11, 11 PM PT! Defend territory from waves of encroaching enemies in this solo-only event. Repel the Dyrenell Empire’s invasion and win peace for New Alberia!
  • In the Elementary Escapades event, you can use skills automatically in dragon battles, plus there’s a dragon battle that pits you against Astral High Zodiark! Get exquisite honey, flame tomes, and water tomes as glory rewards too!
  • The Onslaught Event Bonus is live as of Apr. 11, 11 PM PT! Log in during the duration to get great rewards such as wyrmite, rainbow orbs, and a champion’s testament!
  • A sixth mana circle, the mana spiral, was added to 5★ adventurer Gala Elisanne on Apr. 11, 10:40 PM PT.

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