Quantic Dream issues statement on toxic workplace court case

In 2018, French press outlets Canard PC, Le Monde, and Mediapart published articles about the work culture of Quantic Dream—the studio responsible for games like Fahrenheit, Beyond: Two Souls, Detroit: Become Human, and Heavy Rain. According to Canard PC’s investigation (link contains NSFW images), Quantic Dream employees were subject to a “long crunch pattern” on each game, and one manager created and shared “600 photomontages of dubious taste” featuring the faces of staff edited into the bodies of others, including porn stars and a Nazi—harassment that led to the departure of the entire IT department and a court case being brought against the studio.

After years of rulings and appeals, on April 7 the Paris Court of Appeals issued a decision in Quantic Dream’s favor. Quantic Dream published a statement declaring this final proof of “The absence of a ‘toxic atmosphere’ or any kind of discrimination in the studio”, and that this was backed up by statements made by Staff Representatives. It also declared that there had been “numerous inspections by government services in recent years”, which failed to find “irregularities in the management of the company and/or its contracts”.

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