Wrestlemania 37: Huge Thunderstorm In Tampa Leads Twitter To Make Jokes, Vince McMahon Memes

Wrestlemania 37 faced a possible delay from a huge thunderstorm that rolled into Tampa early Saturday evening. Fans were reporting and tweeting about having to relocate and getting weather alerts while entering Raymond James Stadium.

Eventually, fans were allowed back in, and as the saying goes, the show must go on. However, WWE fans and even some personnel had some fun in the meantime trying to make the most out of this dreary situation.

Of course, WWE producer Hurricane Shane Helms having the most fun and still on the clock.

We’ll have all of your Wrestlemania 37 coverage, delays, and all, as the night progresses. And remember after tomorrow night, you can check out Chris Jericho on the Broken Skull Sessions.

Last week, Xavier Woods spoke with GameSpot about his upcoming Wrestlemania match against AJ Styles and Omos, and Woods had some not-so-nice words about Omos’s fashion choices. “If you want to rock the bathroom custodian look, you know, if you want to offer me a mint after my match and some hand sanitizer, that’s cool but I mean it’s not what I would wear, but do you,” Woods said. “[The turtlenecks] look good on him, I’ll be honest. His fashion choices are strange to me because sometimes he’s wearing a big coat. I’m shirtless, and I’m sweating.

“I don’t weigh as much as you. I’m not as tall as you, so I know that your body is overclocking right now you are dripping from the pits, why do you have this on? I don’t think he thinks about his fashion choices. I think he just kinda throws stuff on. His mom lays it out on the bed for him–or maybe AJ. That’s okay if you want to live your life like that, but I’m a grown man. I dress myself. I pick my own clothes. That’s just me, though, but if it’s not you that’s okay.”

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