Sony’s London Studio Is Hiring For PS5 Game, But Is It VR?

Sony’s London Studio has often worked on accessory-based games for PlayStation systems, and its recent efforts have been on PlayStation VR. Now, it appears the studio is gearing up for a PS5 project that’s going to have online play, but it’s not clear if it will be a VR game.

A listing on the studio’s site says it needs an online gameplay designer who will work on a PS5 project. The listing specifically mentions online multiplayer, as well as working with narrative and mission leads, so there will apparently be some sort of story content that could work alongside the multiplayer. The specifics on what kind of game it is are otherwise pretty much nonexistent, however.

We do know that London Studio is working on making VR content work for PS5, at least as far as past games go. A patch released shortly after the PS5’s launch added improvements to Blood & Truth, which originally launched for PS4’s PSVR. It added higher frame rates and resolutions as well as better textures while still using the original headset and an adapter on the new console.

We do know a PS5-exclusive version of PlayStation VR is coming, as Sony has revealed some details on its controllers and single-wire design already. Presumably, investing in hardware like that would mean Sony also wants its own development teams making games for it, and London Studio is the plausible choice for the job, but it could also surprise us.

Prior to its work on toy-based and VR games like EyeToy and SingStar, the studio created the Guy Ritchie-style crime game The Getaway: Black Monday. A traditional, controller-based video game, it didn’t receive great reviews, but Blood & Truth shows London Studio still has a knack for crime stories.

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