Path of Exile: Ultimatum is a free expansion that lets you gamble for more loot

Path of Exile 2 isn’t out until sometime next year, but Grinding Gear Games have a salve for our wounds: A new quarterly league expansion for Path of Exile is launching for free next Friday, April 16th. Called Ultimatum, this new Challenge League revisits one of PoE’s most iconic factions, the Vaal, while letting players play a loot and monster-filled version of Double or Nothing.

During the Ultimatum league (which will run for around three months), any newly rolled character will frequently bump into the Trialmaster, a new NPC and emissary of the god of Chaos. He’ll challenge you to initially simple arena battles, telling you exactly what prize you’re fighting for. At the end of each round, he’ll give you the option to take the prize and tap out, or pick a new modifier (faster enemies, additional obstacles, stat restrictions) and fight an even tougher round for a chance at the previous reward, plus a new one.

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