This Mario 64 PC mod adds permadeath, 60 fps support, and new moves

Weird—I could’ve sworn that Mario died last week, yet here he is showing off some new moves in Super Mario 64 Plus, a mod for the reverse-engineered PC port of Mario 64 released last year. Super Mario 64 Plus, released on April 4th, looks like a fantastic upgrade for people who know Mario 64 inside and out, and I can’t stop full-on jamming out to the remix in the trailer.

The mod is a mix of under-the-hood upgrades and more obvious additions. It adds 60 fps support to Mario 64 via frame interpolation, which may not be an ideal solution, but in motion it sure looks smooth. The mod page also claims it adds “more responsive controls” and an “improved camera,” which looks like a basic 3D freecam. Mario 64, remember, was made to work on the N64’s single analog stick, with some stiff camera controls mapped to the C buttons. If you want an essentially pure Mario 64 experience that just feels a bit better on PC, those options sound ideal. But there’s a lot more to Mario 64 Plus than those upgrades.

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