Eufy’s two-camera baby monitor kit is $50 off again at Amazon

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While most parents opt to include a baby monitor in their nursery set up, some want to skip the fancier bells and whistles that come with the high-priced, smart options that link your monitor to a smartphone app. Caretakers who are looking for a straightforward, simply operated option should check out Eufy’s two-camera monitor kit, which is back down to its lowest price on Amazon right now. 

Buy Eufy Baby Monitor Kit (2-camera) on Amazon – $190

The Eufy kit includes two of its SpaceView cameras, which can pan 330 degrees side-to-side and 110 degrees up and down to provide you with a full view of your baby’s room. The cameras can also zoom in (up to 2x) and have night vision. The kit features the SpaceView monitor as well, a 5″ LCD screen which displays video feeds in 720p. The monitor has an eight-hour battery life and will give you audio alerts when it senses noises. 

The system can also play lullabies, provide temperature data and has two-way audio so you can speak to your little one through the built-in microphone. The SpaceView cameras can be wall-mounted or used on their own stands. Eufy uses a FHSS connection instead of Wi-Fi as well, so it will work if the internet goes down and provides a more secure video feed. And on top of that, you can connect up to four cameras to the monitor to provide you with multiple angles or views of different rooms.

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