Watch YouTuber Babish make the chef’s choice platter from Monster Hunter: World

If you’re familiar with the YouTube series Binging With Babish you’ll know it for entertaining videos about recreating the food people eat in TV shows and movies, from Jake’s Perfect sandwich from Adventure Time, the $5 shake from Pulp Fiction, to the ratatouille from, er, Ratatouille. For his latest challenge, Babish took on the chef’s choice platter from Monster Hunter: World.

In-game, the Meowscular Chef whips the platter up from whatever ingredients are available and it comes out as a huge meal of meat skewers, sausages, some kind of seafood paella, a roast—it’s a meaty dish. Given the vagueness of the actual ingredients, Babish takes a free hand with his interpretation, making his own sirloin and pork sausages, Thai curry mussels, a fermented pineapple drink called tepache to go with it, and honestly just watch the video or read the recipe.

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