Top 10 Most Frightening Bunnies In Film History – Who Said The Easter Bunny Was Not Scary?

Good news everybody! Easter is here again! That’s right, it’s time to celebrate the death of Jesus by gobbling up chocolate eggs pooped out by an imaginary giant rabbit. No, I’m not sure what the connection is between those two things. Nobody does. But that’s Easter for ya. A 96 hour religious holiday turned into an opportunity to gorge on novelty chocolate. I’m not complaining. I’m just deeply confused.

However with it being Easter, the concept of a magic rabbit breaking into people’s houses is in the air and it’s time that we all acknowledge the creepiness of it. How does that damn bunny benefit from the arrangement anyhow? Surely the bunny is evil. There must be some sort of nefarious angle to the Easter Bunny. It only makes sense. So, to celebrate the only holiday surrounding a magically evil rabbit, we here at CGM decided to provide you all with a list of the top ten most frightening bunnies in film history. This is officially the most important and meaningful article in the history of the Internet—you’re so lucky to have clicked.

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To be clear, this 2006 bargain-basement wannabe grind house movie isn’t particularly good. However, this list needed to reach ten entries somehow and it is one of the most sick n’ twisted movies to ever feature bunnies. The sordid little tale involves a single mother with a mentally challenged son whose only friend is a pet bunny contending with a jerk running around their neighbourhood in a creepy bunny mask robbing convenience stores and killing people. The plots connect pretty much exactly how you would imagine. It’s pure holiday movie sleaze that doesn’t even have the class of a disappointing Silent Night, Deadly Night sequel. However, while it may not be one of cinemas the best horror movies, it’s a trashy horror flick featuring multiple creepy bunnies; so welcome to the list.

9) Sexy Beast (2000)

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This absolutely brilliant 2000 crime movie with Ben Kingsley and Ray Winstone needs to be seen by everyone for a variety of reasons. It’s bleakly funny, stylishly shot, cleverly written, extraordinarily acted, and features some of the finest swearing ever committed to film. Sexy Beast is a great flick. However, for the purposes of this list let’s focus on the evil rabbit. It first appears in a dream taunting our hero and later seems to be a demon of sorts in a deliciously twisted ending. The ratty costume design and evocatively creepy way director Jonathan Glazer shoots this freaky big-ears is absolutely chilling. Sure, the bunny isn’t the major selling point in Sexy Beast, but it sure is a welcome addition to the party.

8) Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983)

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