The most convenient Valheim world seed has been discovered

There is no doubt that Iron Gate AB’s Valheim is set to be the hot game for 2021, at least for the time being. With consistent support and a substantial roadmap of content on the horizon, the developers are definitely setting the survival game up to be a big contender. One of its main draws is the procedurally generated worlds that promise new adventures every time you jump in. While it can throw up some interesting mixtures, sometimes you just want to get into the meat of the action straight away. A new Valheim world seed has been discovered, and it is exactly what you need.

This particular seed spawns players in a spot seemingly at the center of everything. Every boss and every biome is within reach instantly, and that is madness. No longer do you have to engage in extensive exploration, base building, or even sailing. You just need to be very good at killing bosses.


The Valheim seed comes courtesy of Reddit user InfernoFPS. Judging from an overview of the world, everything is indeed within running distance. Just on the starting continent, there are already four bosses as well as a trader. Who knew the Meadows, Black Forest, Swamp and Mountain biomes could coexist so perfectly?

In such a setup, you don’t even need to think about sailing before you vanquish the fourth boss. The fifth boss is also conveniently located on a second island just across a narrow body of water. A raft would suffice in this case.

The Most Convenient Valheim World Seed Has Been Discovered (1)

Alternative experience

Considering the way Valheim generates worlds, this world seed is indeed a gem to find. Although it may not necessarily showcase the other amazing parts of the game such as the exploration and the risk you have to take to survive, it is a concentrated experience for those looking to test their mettle.

If you are interested, the Valheim world seed is HHcLC5acQt. Good luck.

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