Death To 2020: Netflix Reveals Star-Studded Comedy Special

has announced Death to 2020, “comedy event” about this year we’ve all been enduring and probably still can’t quite believe, from Black Mirror showrunner Charlie Brooker. No release date has been given, but a tweet from the streaming service reveals the cast and a good sense of the program’s tone.

Death to 2020’s cast includes Samuel L. Jackson, Hugh Grant, Lisa Kudrow, Kumail Nanjiani, Tracey Ullman, and Leslie Jones. It’s an impressive roster, and about the extent to the official information about the event, which is clearly intended to be a stealth surprise to pack its most impactful (and assumedly satirical) punch.

According to , Death to 2020 will “juxtapose footage of real-life events this year with fictitious ‘renowned’ experts passing comment on what took place.” Grant revealed in a recent interview that he’ll be playing a “pretty repellent” historian with a wig.

Brooker’s Black Mirror is one of Netflix’s biggest sci-fi shows, and with Season 6 likely still a ways away, here’s hoping he really swings for the fences on Death to 2020.

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